The unique concept
of pork production without antibiotics

Our results

5 years of working without antibiotics
We use antibiotics for therapeutic purposes only:

1% of the livestock is treated with the antibacterial agents.

We have experienced livestock growth from 1 1/2 to 4 thousand pigs
"System Timoshivka" proves that it's possible

to mass produce pork without using antibiotics

Consistently healthy animals with good genetics
Quality not quantity of pork produced matters to us the most.

A meticulous approach to the animal's health is the key to a quality product.

What problems are solved by "System Timoshivka"?

The problem of

The medical miracle, antibiotics, have allowed us to extend the life of people up to and past 80 years. However, their frequent usage leads to considerable problems. It causes resistance, which makes the human body stop responding to antibiotics as a medicine. This leads to breeding of pathogenic bacteria that mutate into new diseases. This, in its turn requires the development of new antibiotics over and over again.

According to the WHO, each year antibiotic resistance leads to the death of about 700.000 people, including in the European Union - more than 25,000 annually. Worryingly, it's predicted that by 2030 the problem will grow to a global scale.

The problems in animal breeding

Natural bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract of pigs contribute to the development of enzymes. They process complex carbohydrates and fibre that are necessary in animal feed. Regularly adding antibiotics disrupts healthy intestinal flora that impact the pigs' condition in an extremely negative way.

Malnutrition, over-saturation with antibiotics, and stress caused by improper maintenance changes the pigs' behaviour, the herd can see cannibalism and the sickness rate increases. These factors impact the taste and quality of meat. The cheap proudct becomes dangerous for people. The "System Timoshivka" not only resolves the antibiotics in farming, but in humane medicine too.

How does
"System Timoshivka" work?


Is one of the main components of pig farming. People who are working directly with the animals should have a thorough knowledge about them, to be able to observe them, analyse their behavior and make the right conclusions. The "System Timoshivka" is a well-established management system at pig farms. Each animal is carefully checked for the main indicators: bristle brilliance, colour, consistency of feces, consumption of food, twice a day. Any detected changes are recorded, and feeding is individually adjusted.
Thomas Brunner System Timoschivka


We pride ourselves on the quality of our feed, because all animal feed is produced at plants with strict quality control. According to the "System Timoshivka", the basis of good pig feed are high quality grains: barley, corn, & ** soybean meal and sunflower presscake**, grown on "Agro Plus 2006" lands.

There are no antibiotics added into the feed or drinking water, while food, pre- and probiotics are chosen according to the pH level in the intestines. Each animal receives an individual dose of feed that is adjusted according to a slightest change in its condition.

Exceptionally high quality feed

Keeping conditions

The health of the animals is the most important thing for us

We are closely monitoring the living conditions to ensure that animals are kept in a comfortable and healthy environment. All sites are equipped with special ventilation system that allows to maintain the temperature of 19◦С in premises, all year-round, even in the severe winter frosts.

The sow house is equipped with a special warm floor that heats up to 32◦C: the heat is very important for the newborn piglets who still do not have enough fat and natural defense mechanisms. The ideal temperature helps the pigs feel comfortable and grow rapidly.

The houses where animals are kept, are maintained clean but not in strict sterility.

The company's employees are prohibited to keep or interact with any other pigs outside the complex. There's a special uniform including clothes and shoes provided for each employee who works at the farm. When they enter and leave the complex, employees are obliged to take a shower. Unauthorised entry into the farm is prohibited.

The "System Timoshivka" is a closed type complex, where animals are raised according to a full circle cycle. This helps to maintain a high level of biosafety and healthy immune space.


It has been proven that a regular addition of antibiotics to animals' foods leads to a detrimental impact on their reproductive function: infertility and fetal malformations.The quality and number of offspring decreases with each generation.

We have brought 150 purebred sows with impeccable genetics from Austria, when implementing the "System Timoshivka". The Austrian genetical scientists of the Schweine Zucht Verband (link) company specialise in breeding and maintaining pig breeds. They produce the high quality lean meat that is highly valued in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. The "System Timoshivka" still works in close cooperation with SZV. Banning antibiotics in food and a proper nutrition strengthen the pigs' health and improve their immune resistance.

Healthy mothers give birth to healthy offspring. We have achieved complete success in bringing out the maximum potential of the genetic capacity of each breed for the maximum production efficiency.

The result is a very tasty, delicate and healthy meat.
We have achieved complete success in bringing out the maximum potential of the genetic capacity of each breed for the maximum production efficiency.

"System Timoshivka":
the story of healthy pig farming

In 2011, "Agro Plus 2006" LLC (Timoshovka village, Cherkasy region, Ukraine) has expanded its activities: it has started a pig farm.

The first 150 sows were imported from Austria. The company's director, Thomas Brunner, invited an expert in pig breeding - Michael Knoch, who had an extensive experience working at farms in Germany, Switzerland and Canada.

Michael had a theory of a mass breeding of animals without using antibiotics and a belief that it was possible. It was only thanks to Thomas, who was inspired by this idea and was not afraid to try it in practice, yhe theory has become reality with striking results. Not only was it proven to work, it has even resulted in the increase of the herd.

The first experimental year of working showed that the herd copes without antibiotics fine, just a few of animals have received drugs as a treatment. All qualitative indicators: livestock growth, slaughter qualities, the taste of meat, and immune system of animals – have increased significantly.

The new system produced the results, so it was decided to continue working in this direction. The five years of farm production have proved that it's possible to mass produce pork without using antibiotics!

Thomas Brunner LLC Agro Plus 2006

European experience in implementation of the "System Timoshivka"

The use of antibiotics in European Union food has been prohibited since 2006. However, the use of therapeutic antibiotics without the purpose of a treatment is still a huge problem for Europe. Therefore, the success of "System Timoshivka" has interested many European farmers who want to work by the laws and engage in mass production of pork without the use of antibiotics.

The "System Timoshivka" is already known to farmers from Austria, Germany and Switzerland. More than 40 farms in Switzerland are already operating successfully according to the Ukrainian system.


We understand the importance of antibiotics in animal breeding, as well as for the health of humanity overall. We know how to solve these problems using our "System Timoshivka".

We are ready to share our experience and knowledge, the basics of our System to benefit all pig producers, helping them to implement it on agricultural enterprises all over the world. We provide consulting services not only in Ukraine but also in Switzerland, Austria, Germany and other European countries.

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